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True financial planning is the process of meeting your goals...
Richard McCaughan - Chartered Financial Planner:

What the personal finance society says about the individual 'Chartered' title:

"Chartered status is the pinnacle for the financial planning professional"

The individual Chartered Financial Planner title is awarded on application after the completion of a suite of qualifications designed to signal to the public that financial advisers and financial planners are 'fit for purpose'.

It will mean that members of the public will be able to call on the services of suitably qualified professionals with confidence when seeking help with their financial planning needs.

Source: The Personal Finance Society

The value of investments and pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested

The secrets of financial security

The secrets, or skills, of financial security don't involve "get rich quick" schemes or complicated strategies, but do require commitment and action. You already know that achieving financial security doesn't just happen. It's up to you to take control and create a plan built around the following key steps:

  • a goal – the motivation behind your plan. Whether its short or long term, small or large, without one you're likely to lose interest or fall short;
  • a budget – spend less than you earn and control your debt;
  • a savings, investment and pensions plan – decide how much you need to put away and where to invest it for maximum return with minimum risk;
  • a protection plan – protect your plan against financial risk;
  • discipline – maintain your efforts and review them regularly;
  • patience – building your wealth takes time!
It doesn't have to be hard work and can be very rewarding if you see it through. This is where independent financial advice can provide direction to your decisions and help you to understand how each choice you make affects other areas of your finances. You can adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure that you are on track to achieve your objectives.

Personal financial advice tailored to you and your goals

At Chartered Financial Solutions Ltd, you will only get personalised, independent financial advice tailored to you and focused on meeting your goals, not selling financial products.

Unbiased and independent financial advice

The cornerstone of Richard holding the individual Chartered Financial Planning title is the independence of the advice he provides, backed by the level of qualifications he holds.

No pressure, no obligation, no time limits

You will never be pressurised into making any decision or accepting our recommendations which are made without obligation.

You're in control

Although we give the advice, you make the decisions. You decide the level of financial advice you want to receive and can cancel the process at any time without cost, penalty or obligation.

Ongoing Advice

We pride ourselves on the level of ongoing service we provide to our clients. We recognize that every client is different and also the frequency of reviews needed will be different, an annual review in our eyes is a minimum requirement for all of our clients, but quarterly or half yearly reviews will be needed by some clients.